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AIMA13 Towards Ratification – Australia’s underwater cultural heritage

The Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) 2013 Conference will be held at the Australian National University, Research School of Humanities and the Arts in Canberra, 4-6 October, 2013.

An expert panel meeting will be held on Thursday 3 October to discuss legal issues around ratification of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage with specific reference to Australia and countries in South East Asia and the Pacific Region.

AIMA encourages participation from the public, scholars, specialists and experts in the fields of archaeology, history, cultural heritage, international law, and members of other disciplines that complement and extend the interests of AIMA and the objectives of this conference.
For further information about this exciting interdisciplinary conference see the website

Call for sessions
The AIMA13 Conference Chairs invite proposals for sessions relating to all aspects of underwater cultural heritage in Australia, South East Asian and Pacific Regions to stimulate discussion and progress the ratification of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage by States in the Region.  Topics may include maritime archaeology, museology, in-situ conservation/preservation, legislation, policy, protection, education and community participation with heritage.

Session and Workshop proposals are now being invited and are due by 31 January 2013.

The main themes of the conference are likely to include the following, but may be modified or extended according to the session proposals we receive:
1.     Ratification of the Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention  – State Reports on status
2.     Commercial exploitation of UCH – issues, consequences and options for control

3.     Training and information sharing – needs, goals, realities
4.     In-situ preservation and conservation of cultural heritage
5.     Australasia’s indigenous underwater cultural heritage
6.     The archaeology of aircraft as underwater cultural heritage
7.     Australia’s overseas underwater cultural heritage
8.     Museums, displays and the Underwater Convention
9.     Techniques and technology in maritime and deepwater archaeology
10.   Engaging the community – public archaeology and media
11.   Legislation, policy and protection of underwater archaeological sites
The AIMA13 Conference organisers invite proposers for papers and posters to read the session guidelines and make their submission accordingly.

An explicit aim of the AIMA13 program is to promote networking, knowledge sharing and discussion. A session will include related 20 minute papers. Student researchers are particularly encouraged to submit papers and posters. This is an opportunity to present new and ground-breaking research. There will be questions after each session, however, the time limit for the paper needs to be strictly adhered to so please prepare your presentations to STRICTLY meet this requirement.

We are also inviting submissions for post-conference workshops. Workshops on applied research or issues that are regionally significant are welcome. Please include some practical work or other active participation of attendees, rather than an extended lecture. In proposing workshops, please indicate any technical facilities required for example, a computer lab or wireless network and whether participants should bring own laptops. Also please indicate the maximum number of participants and any prior knowledge or skills required.

Key Dates
31 January 2012 Sessions and Workshops submission deadline
14 February 2013 Proposers informed about the status of their proposals
28 February 2013 Accepted proposals will be posted on the AIMA13 Conference webpage and a call for papers will begin

Other important dates will be posted on the website accordingly so please check the AIMA website regularly!

How to Submit
Please submit your proposal to the AIMA13 Scientific Committee AIMAconference@aima-underwater.org.au<mailto:AIMAconference@aima-underwater.org.au>

We look forward to seeing your Proposal and seeing you in Canberra in October 2013.

Session Guidelines


Session organisation
A session can have no more than three organisers. If multiple organisers are proposed, preference will be given to groups of session organisers who are prepared to work to ensure gender balance, have a blend of experienced and early-career professionals/academics (or graduate students). The conference organisers can help interested individuals to make contact with other potentially suitable session organisers. Session organisers will be expected to attend the conference in person and to present sole authored, or jointly written, papers in either their own or another session.
Over the two/three days the conference can have eight consecutive sessions. Each session will have a minimum of four papers and all papers will be assigned to a session. Depending on submissions, the co-chairs may consider running parallel sessions.
Session organisers
Sessions will address a significant, specific issue related to meeting the principals required for ratification of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, maritime archaeology, underwater cultural heritage and/or underwater cultural heritage management. Sessions will run for 1 hour and 40 minutes and will consist of a minimum of four presentations (each of 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions at the end of each presentation).
Session organisers will be required to draft a suitable session description of no more than 300 words which will appear on the conference website. They will be responsible for the overall co-ordination and chairing of their session within the conference program including involvement in the recruitment, evaluation and selection of presenters for their session. They will be involved in seeking funds to bring participants to the conference where applicable. All presenters are expected to supply their completed articles with images for publication to the conference editor on time, which is 3 weeks after the end of the conference. Completed articles to: publications@aima-underwater.org.au<mailto:publications@aima-underwater.org.au>
Email for all other conference queries: AIMAconference@aima-underwater.org.au<mailto:AIMAconference@aima-underwater.org.au>

The co-Chairs
AIMA13 Towards Ratification – Australia’s underwater cultural heritage
Mr Andrew Viduka
AIMA Council representative for the Australian Capital Territory
Contact email: AIMAconference@aima-underwater.org.au<mailto:AIMAconference@aima-underwater.org.au>

Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde
AIMA Vice President & Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology; Deputy Director,
Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)
Department of Archaeology, Flinders University
Contact email: wendy.vanduivenvoorde@flinders.edu.au<mailto:wendy.vanduivenvoorde@flinders.edu.au>

Dr Jennifer Rodrigues
AIMA Vice President & Maritime Archaeology Dept, Western Australian Museum
Contact email: vicepresident1@aima-underwater.org.au<mailto:vicepresident1@aima-underwater.org.au>


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