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Call for Papers: Battle for the Atlantic.

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In conjunction with the annual McMullen Naval History Symposium occurring 18-20 September, 2013, at Annapolis, MD, the Naval Order of the U.S. (NOUS), National Capital Commandery (NCC), is sponsoring a separate panel to review issues pertinent the 1939-1945 Battle for the Atlantic. A prize for best presentation will be awarded by the NOUS, National Capital Commandery.
Topics presented should focus on issues related to anti-submarine warfare (ASW) tactics, techniques, procedures against the German U-boats, ASW research and development, psychological factors, ASW doctrine and training, command and control, the role of intelligence, naval leadership during the ASW campaign (tactically, operationally and strategically) , Allied/coalition/joint contributions to the U-boat campaign, etc. during the period 1939-1945.
Authors selected will be given a 45-minute period to present their research/findings during the Panel discussions. Papers must not exceed twenty-five (25) pages and be in standard graduate paper/publishing style and format.
Deadline for submission of Paper Proposals and Abstracts (not to exceed 250-words) and a one-page Curriculum Vitae is 30 May, 2013. Email proposals to CAPT John Rodgaard, or CDR John Hooper, at john_rodgaard@yahoo.com, johndhooper@yahoo.com respectively. Selectees will be notified by 15 June with the deadline for Paper submissions being 1 August, 2013.
Information on the 2013 McMullen Symposium can be found on line at http://www.usna.edu/History/symposium.htm. Specific inquiries can be directed to CAPT Rodgaard/CDR Hooper, Dr. Lori Bogle, or CDR Chris Rentfrow at navalhistorysymposium@gmail.com.


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