Underwater Archaeology and Maritime History jobs

12 August 2014

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1) Historian, Naval History and Heritage Command, closes 12 August

This position is located in the Histories Branch, a component of the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington, DC.  The mission of the Histories Branch is to research, preserve and disseminate the history of the Navy.  The Histories Branch accomplishes this task by collecting, analyzing and preserving historical records and information and developing historical knowledge products which inform Navy leadership, sailors and the American public.  Professional historical research and products are essential for the Histories Branch to accomplish their mission.

2) Writer/Editor, Naval History and Heritage Command, closes 15 August

In this position, you will serve as a writer-editor in the Publishing Section within the Communication and Outreach Division of the Naval History and Heritage Command, (NHHC), which plans, prepares, produces, and publishes a broad range of US Navy historical knowledge products for distribution in print and electronic formats.

3) Museum Specialist, History, Naval War College, closes 15 August

This position is located at the Naval War College Museum, located on Naval Station Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. The selectee serves as a collection specialist and will assist with the care and management of art, artifacts, books, prints, photographs, and two-dimensional materials in the museum’s collections.


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