Underwater Archaeology and Maritime History jobs

University of Exeter, Mphil/PhD

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The Centre for Maritime Historical Studies was the first of its kind in a British university and seeks to promote research into economic, social, political, naval and environmental aspects of the British maritime past from the earliest times to the present day, drawing also on European and international experience. Staff from the Centre supervise PhD students and are willing to provide supervision in the following areas of research:

  • maritime history from the Middle Ages to today;
  • business history and maritime trade;
  • port cities and communities;
  • mariners welfare and education;
  • naval history from the Middle Ages to the present day;
  • naval leadership from the late 17th century to the mid 20th century;
  • British naval administration and logistics;
  • Mediterranean maritime history from the Middle Ages to the 18th century;
  • African maritime history and port cities.

As a research student, you will be able to draw on excellent resources including the Exeter Local Maritime Archives Project database.

The Centre holds termly research seminars (in conjunction with the Society for Nautical Research), an annual international Maritime History Conference and a twice-yearly Strategic Policy Studies Group symposium (with associated publication).

Visit the Centre for Maritime Historical Studies website to find our more about our research interests and activities.

Research topic and proposal

If you are considering studying for an MPhil or PhD, you will need to pinpoint the topic in which you wish to undertake your research and identify members of academic staff who specialise in this area and can offer you supervision. Visit our staff profiles or research supervision web pages for more information about individual research interests.

Once you have identified your research area, you will need to prepare a research proposal which outlines the specific area you wish to study and submit this with your application.

Guidelines on submitting an MPhil/PhD application, including guidelines on writing a research proposal, can be found on our dedicated How to apply pages.
Read more at http://www.exeter.ac.uk/postgraduate/research-degrees/history/maritime/#Zki1mr7kYz4A7JHr.99

MA or PhD in Maritime Archaeology

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Honor Frost Foundation Masters and/or Doctoral Awards in Maritime Archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton

Applications are invited for a fully-funded studentship from the Honor Frost Foundation.

The Foundation’s mission is to promote the advancement and research, including publication, of maritime archaeology with particular focus on the eastern Mediterranean.  The Foundation is keen to support educational opportunities for students from the primary regions where Honor worked and is supporting a fully funded scholarship in Maritime Archaeology for students from Cyprus, Lebanon and Syria to attend the University of Southampton in September 2017.


The scholarship is primarily for study at MA/MSc level with the possibility of further funding for PhD, but may also be offered at PhD level if there are suitable candidates. This award is only available to students from Cyprus, Lebanon and Syria.

Students will be registered at the University of Southampton and supervised by experts in the field of Maritime Archaeology.

Closes 11 May.

South Africa Maritime Archaeology Posts

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Might have missed the deadline, but check anyway.


5 Maritime Archaeology jobs posted on here.

2 Post Docs in Maritime Archaeology

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Project description

The NWO-project “Maritime Archeology Meets Cultural History: The Texel Shipwreck BZN17 in Context” investigates the recent, spectacular find near Texel in the context of British royalist travel to and from the Dutch Republic between 1640 and 1661. The discovery of the Texel wreck BZN17 recently attracted worldwide attention. Unique objects retrieved from the wreck, some related to the British royal House of Stuart, made international headlines, exciting professional archaeologists, historians and general audiences alike. This project seeks to promote a new engagement with early modern material culture in general, and those unique objects found in the wreck in particular, using cultural historical sources and methodologies.

Two postdocs will conduct archival research in the UK and the Netherlands, establishing a historical context as well as basic facts regarding the owners of both goods and ship. Subsequent co-operation with researchers of materiality will further our understanding of how the history of Anglo-Dutch mobility and displacement of exile affected material culture, and how individual and group identities were shaped through that culture on both sides of the Channel. A pilot study for a transdisciplinary European project, this project seeks to build a bridge between maritime archeologists and cultural historians, in association with experts from the Conservation, Heritage and Museum sectors. Research outcomes will be widely disseminated through international media and exhibitions. The first Postdoc will begin on 1 May 2017.

Closes 31 March.

Research Assistant

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You will contribute to a project “Living on Water: Early Iron Age lake-dwelling communities in Scotland” working with Professor Gordon Cook and Dr Derek Hamilton. Specifically, the job requires expert knowledge in Scottish crannogs. The successful candidate will also be expected to contribute to the formulation and submission of research publications and research proposals as well as help manage and direct this complex and challenging project as opportunities allow.

Closes 9 April.

Been in the field for 2 weeks

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Missed a few postings. Tough to do while I am in the field.