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7 jobs in Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage at Philippines National Museum

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Maryland Archaeological Conservator

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The Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, located at the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum in St. Leonard, MD, is  recruiting for a full time contractual conservator.
*Main Purpose of Job:* This position will function as Conservator working under the direction of the Lead Conservator on a wide range of archaeological objects from marine and terrestrial excavations, including iron, copper alloy, ceramic, glass, leather, stone, and wood. The position will examine and document objects, perform analytical tests, prepare treatment proposals, perform chemical and mechanical conservation treatments, package or mount artifacts for transport, storage and display, and submit full reports of all activities, thus fulfilling contractual obligations and providing revenue generation for the Conservation Program of the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory (MAC Lab).
*Minimum Qualifications: *Applicant must have a degree in the conservation of Objects, from an accredited conservation degree program. Current students seeking a minimum 12-month internship either post-graduate or as a graduation requirement, are eligible. Equivalent work experience of two years practical conservation of archaeological materials maybe excepted in lieu of a conservation degree.
*Desired or Preferred Qualifications:* The applicant should be able to lift 50 pounds, work on ladders or in crouching positions, have experience with taking and processing photographs, and experience with computers operating the Windows Office Suite (Work, Excel and Access), or other equivalent computer software programs.  Prior training in health and safety and the use of lifting and moving equipment is desired.
The deadline to apply is July 20, 2017. For more information and to apply online, go to:

State of Florida Archaeological Conservator

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Closes: 7/28/2017


Supervises collections and conservation staff

Ensures timely completion of assigned work, adheres to collections protocols and timely responses to loan requests, request access, technical assistance, etc.

Supervises artifact processing, conservation and curation

Administers artifact loans for exhibit and research

Reviews underwater artifact salvage divisions

Facilitates collections research

Maintains computerized artifact database and maintains and develops associated software applications

Coordinates archaeological collection accession data with 1A-32 Archaeological Research Permits, Florida Master Site File database and other pertinent databases maintained by the division.

Supervises annual inventory of collections as required by Rule 1A-40.007, Florida Administrative Code.

Produces and presents research on aspects of the artifact collections, as mandated, in 267, Florida Statutes.


Master’s degree in Anthropology, Archaeology or related field. A PhD in these fields in preferred.

At least five years of experience as a professional archaeologist, some of which included archaeological collection management, artifact study and curation

Experience coordinating and facilitating research projects with other researchers

History of research and technical report writing experience in archaeology

Supervisory and leadership experience


Knowledge of Florida prehistory and history, including the types of sites that exist and their general distribution and geographic settings.

Knowledge of prehistoric and historic material culture found in Florida

Proficiency in collections database software

Working knowledge of curation and conservation techniques.

Knowledge of analysis used to study archaeological and historical objects


PhD in Anthropology, Archaeology or related field.

Knowledge of 872.05, Florida Statutes, pertaining to unmarked human remains and NAGPRA

Asst. Professor in Maritime Archaeology

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IFB Marine Archeological Survey Equipment for THC

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The Texas Historical Commission (THC) issues this Invitation for Bid (IFB) to solicit bids for Marine Archeological Remote-Sensing Survey Equipment for use in detecting and monitoring underwater archeological sites on state public land under the jurisdiction of the Texas Historical Commission. As part of public policy as stated in the Antiquities Code of Texas, Sec. 191.002, it is the mission of the Marine Archeology Program of the Texas Historical Commission to locate, protect, and preserve submerged archeological sites, including shipwrecks. The Geometrics G882 and the Edgetech 4125P are the standard tools used to detect submerged shipwrecks sites and are in compliance with the minimum equipment standards required for archeological survey in state waters Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Part 2, Chapter 18, Rule §28.6. This equipment is the most successful means, and often the only method, in low visibility waters such as Texas to find, and thus protect, these important and rare archeological sites.

Florida DHR Reviewer

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This position is responsible for reviewing development projects and federal undertakings to identity and evaluate cultural resources, assess impacts to significant cultural resources in accordance with federal, state, or local preservation laws and regulations and prepare appropriate review response correspondence. The position also provides technical assistance and information regarding the Compliance and Review program to federal, state, and local agencies, private consultants, and the general public. The position participates in consultation meetings with project representatives to discuss requests for additional information and the overall Compliance and Review program and processes. The position is responsible for completing tasks associated with the review of permit applications pursuant to Rule 1A-31, Procedures for Conducting Exploration and Salvage of Historic Shipwreck Sites.

Closes: 6 July.

FL DOS Archaeology Supervisor

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Oversees Public Lands Archaeology.

Serves as DHR staff liaison for Acquisition and Restoration Council. Provides DHR comments on Land Management Plans, Cultural Resource Questionnaires in advance of Land Management Reviews and Management Advisory Group meetings.

Provides recommendations to Division Director regarding Florida Forever projects. Conducts reviews of new Florida Forever applications, attends field assessments of parcels proposed for acquisition and evaluates all projects prior to the annual ranking meeting.

Assists other programs in BAR as needed.

Conducts surveys and performs research on state-owned sites and collections.

Assists Underwater Archaeology and Collections staff as needed.

Performs other related duties as required.

Closes 29 June.

Research Assistant Underwater Cultural Heritage

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We are seeking an enthusiastic and self-motivated Research Assistant with a knowledge and understanding of the law relating to the protection and conservation of underwater cultural heritage. You will be working, as maternity cover, on a project investigating current practices relating to enforcement and the powers and duties that could enable more effective inter and cross-agency co-operation. The project is seeking to establish best practice and offers solutions for better and more holistic management of cultural assets within the English marine plan area.

You will support the research team and will be responsible specifically for developing a matrix of existing legislative powers and duties to enforce of those agencies working offshore and to establish potential for cross-working.

We are looking for a strong legal background and a track record of research either as a result of a post-graduate research degree, or being registered on one in a legally-focussed research field. Knowledge and understanding of legal research methodologies, and familiarity with legal databases is essential, as is knowledge of theories, principles and practice of regulatory enforcement. Experience of writing for publication is desirable.

Closes: 28 June 2017.

Two (2) Maritime History Interns

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American Conservation Experience, a Non-Profit Conservation Corps based in Flagstaff, AZ, in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management’s California Coastal National Monument, is seeking TWO Interpretive Interns who will dedicate 10 Weeks to assisting BLM staff in the management and operations activities at Piedras Blancas Light Station, a BLM Outstanding Natural Area and component of the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS).

This is an exciting and historic opportunity to restore a piece of California’s maritime history. Completed in 1875, Piedras Blancas Light Station is home to more than 60 species of California native plants, including a thriving population of a variety of thistle listed as threatened in CA. This healthy population is up from just a single plant in 2001, a result of BLM heavily investing in the eradication of non-native plants at the site. With the eradication of roughly 2/3 of the non-native and exotic species once found at the site, the environs surrounding the Station have also seen the rebound of a diversity of animal life, including bobcat, raccoon, skunk, deer, gray fox, rabbit, coyote, squirrels, and a variety of birds and reptiles. The near shore marine environments have been minimally impacted by human activity and support healthy populations of southern sea otters, abalone, mussels, and anemones, while the Outer Islet is a significant haul-out point for California sea lions. The largest mainland U.S. rookery for the northern elephant seal stretches for miles to the north and south of Piedras Blancas.

The Bureau’s mission is to “manage and restore the Piedras Blancas Light Station to a period in history when the site played a significant role in the protection of central California maritime activities. In addition, preserve and protect the natural, historical and cultural resources of the site while providing opportunities for compatible scientific, cultural, social and interpretive activities for the benefit of present and future generations.”

Underwater Archeologist?

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If anybody applies to this let me know what it turns out to be?


Underwater Archeologist?

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